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Hasslacher’s ‘Solid Bar’ Colombian drinking chocolate is a unique tasting 100% cacao gourmet hot chocolate made in Colombia where the finest native South American Criollo and Trinitario beans are grown.These rare beans are superior in flavour and constitute only 7% of the total world cocoa produced each year.

We are probably the only brand of chocolate sold in the UK that is made entirely in the country where the beans actually grow. This provides local employment, improves traceability, creating a more sustainable and robust fair trade mechanism. Therefore, no cacao beans are traded on the open market but rather bought directly from the farmers and growers, through their own co-operative supply chain, providing better prices than traded beans, where middle men are involved.

Hasslacher’s deliciously wholesome flavour is made to a secret recipe that has been a family favourite in Colombia since 1906. Nearly half a million of these bars are made and sold in Colombia every month making it their favourite national drink.


Hasslacher’s & Colombia

Plus some facts about cacao and chocolate that may surprise you

50 Years

50 years R&D in cacao production and cultivation models to preserve quality and increase production to guarantee the best product and profitability for the farmers.


Cacao related training provided for more than 700 people per year in the Granja Luker plantation. We really care about the welfare of our people.

1.8 Billion

In Colombia alone, enough of our drinking chocolate bars are made to prepare approximately 1.8 billion cups of hot chocolate per year. It’s their national drink.

100,000 Buds

One tree produces around 100,000 buds each year with just 0.5% producing flowers = 500 flowers. Just 8 to 10% of these 500 flowers get to maturity.

Cacao Facts

  • Cacao pods on each tree 50
  • Cacao beans in every pod 40
  • Cacao beans in every bar 280
  • Cacao pods in one bar 7



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